The governance of children

The US government is on the verge of shutting down, as Congressional Republicans toy with the livelihoods of nearly two million federal government employees and President Obama tries to cast himself as “the Mediator in Chief.” The Republicans claim their motivation is fiscal sanity, but it’s really about telling women what to do with their […]

Dangerously Addictive

Tis the season of giving and Oprah is in a giving mood. For most of the last decade, the TV personality and cultural trend setter has annually bestowed upon unsuspecting studio audiences a smorgasbord of gifts, large and small.  The reaction of audiences is almost impossible to believe, let alone describe. I have to admit […]

Uttering the “C” Word

I was intrigued to learn that authors from three politically disparate think tanks—American Enterprise Institute, Brookings, and Breakthrough Institute—had recently published a report on how to foster deployment of clean energy technology. For those of you who don’t know, AEI’s most well-known in energy/climate circles for receiving millions of dollars from the oil industry to […]