Starbucks Climatistas…

Ok, so that doesn’t have a great ring to it. Baristas is okay, I guess, but Climatistas sounds a little too fascist or Nicaraguan leftists for my blood.

But never mind…

I just wanted to post a random thought for the day, thanks to Ginny with whom I had lunch today. Ginny suggested Starbucks as a possible partner for the 10 Step Challenge–our program concept to help employees and their families shed those unwanted pounds (of CO2). But I’ve been nibbling for a bit at another approach: The Starbucks Climate Card.duetto cards

Instead of getting $10 to spend at Starbucks for signing up for a Starbucks Duetto Visa, you’ll receive a climate change starter kit. The kit would include a reusable coffee mug, a reusable canvas shopping bag, a coupon for fair trade/shade grown coffee, and instructions for signing up at Every time you bring your mug to Starbucks or purchase fair trade coffee, you’re credited with points that you can redeem for free drinks. Points are also earned when you sign up to be a Starbucks Climate Champion and for each action you take to reduce your personal impact on global warming.

Lots of ways to spin this, but you get the idea… It could be a trite gimmick, but if done well it could also be a great way to engage people in the climate crisis. The kit w/ drink card could also be sold as a gift in the stores and online for others.

BTW, while I’m at it: If the coffee cards at Starbucks and Peet’s can tell the baristas how much money you have left on the card, why can’t they also tell them your name? All they need to do is ask just once–when you sign up–and that way they never have to ask you again. It’s just part of the order. (Maybe Starbucks already does this but I know Peet’s doesn’t.)


One thought on “Starbucks Climatistas…

  1. Starbucks…that’s a really interesting idea. Do you know anyone there? I might, but I need to check out the connections.

    PS I think leaving the name off has more to do with privacy.

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