A market for existing home sales?

Corporations and whole industries are scrambling to find a position–or at least the appearance of one–on climate change. Virgin Atlantic got ahead of its competitors when Richard Branson announced the company’s commitment to invest up to $3B in aviation R&D; Swiss Re took the lead amongst insurance companies; GE is heavily investing in renewables and cutting its own greenhouse gas emissions; and Wal-Mart has heavily promoted a new “green” face in an effort to rebuild its corporate image.

So who’s leading the way in the real estate space? It seems to me that there’s a wonderful opportunity for Coldwell Banker, Century 21, whomever… to get out ahead of its competitors. Picture this. Every client purchasing an existing home would get:

  • A free environmental/climate impact assessment.
  • A packet of information about rebates and tax incentives they can qualify to receive if they invest in renewable energy or home energy efficiency, along with a list of local providers.
  • A free climate changers starter kit–filled with energy saving products and tips, and a copy of “An Inconvenient Truth”–when the sale is completed. Way more appreciated than a bottle of wine, don’t you think? (thnx to Marta for this great idea.)

Now, none of that would cost very much. But it could certainly help gain and keep clients, not to mention help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


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