the top 1% (income)

What percentage of the green house gasses in the USA are produced by the top 1% income earners?


One thought on “the top 1% (income)

  1. I’m not sure that specific data on the top 1% is available, but the Energy Information Administration has data of total energy consumption broken down by demographics: The highest income level they go is $100k. This data is about five years old.

    The top 1% in 2001 earned $355k+. The household expenditures between $10k and $100k doubled (from $1,040 to $2,231), so a wild guess would be about $8,000k/yr. for the bottom of that range. You can infer GHG emissions based on energy consumption, but that’s just in the household. It does not factor things like air travel, which I assume would be a much more significant element of a wealthy family’s carbon footprint than those in lower economic levels.

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